S Corporation Salary Considerations – Paying Yourself

S Corporation Reasonable Compensation - Shareholder Salary Guide

As an S Corporation shareholder, you are considered both a shareholder and an employee. This creates a few nuances that are unique to S Corporations. This is especially true when it comes to S Corporation salaries. Paying yourself can be very simple if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to make sure you have […]

Making an S Corp Election – Timing

Making an S Corp Election - Timing

Whenever you decide on making an S election, the timing is pretty important. There are some very specific rules about when you actually have to file your S corp election so you need to have knowledge of the filing requirements in order to make a plan. To learn more about whether or not you should […]

Should I form an S Corp?

Should I form an S Corp?

Forming an S Corp has become an extremely hot topic in today’s financial world. In a lot of ways, forming an S Corp can be a great business decision, but there can be some disadvantages that need to be considered.   What is an S Corp?   When I talk about forming an S Corp, […]

Rundown of S Corporation Taxes

S Corporation Tax Guide

Paying S Corporation taxes can be a bit complicated since you’re both an employee and a shareholder. Your requirements are really the same as any other business owner though. Here are some best practices when dealing with S Corporation taxes.   Shareholder vs Employee   As an employee of an S Corp, your taxes are […]