About Seaton CPA, LLC

SeatonCPA is a female owned CPA firm that was started in 2015.

I focus on partnering with small businesses using QuickBooks Online. I have clients in various industries from Shopify Sellers and Multi-Level Marketers to Personal Health Coaches, Logistics companies, Travels Agents and more.  


QuickBooks Online vs Quickbooks Desktop

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the modern cloud based version of Intuit’s QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) is the legacy application installed on a local computer.

What do you charge?

Most of my on-going services are packaged into flat monthly or quarterly rates. This flat rate billing reduces the risk of variable fees and allows for simplified budgeting.

Do you work on both QBO and QBD?

I focus exclusively on QuickBooks Online (QBO). It provides a modern, integrated platform for bookkeeping services.

DO you offer training on QBO?

Absolutely, as a component of many of my QBO cleanup engagements, training is an included component.

Can we meet up to review something?

The great thing about technology today is we can meet online even if we are on opposite sides of the world. We can utilize Zoom meetings and secure file transfers to review just about anything in question.

I have another question

Great! Many accounting questions and concerns are unique to your business and situation. Please reach out to me to see how I can help.

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